2007 GMC C5400 For Sale

2007 GMC C5400
Image of a 2007 GMC C5400
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Image of a 2007 GMC C5400

'07 GMC C5400 Truck Details

**LIKE NEW***2007 GMC DuraMax Diesel Dump Truck. This model is a C5400 Contractors Dump Truck. Contractor's Dump Body with folding sides. Crysteel truck bed, 11ft long. Air Ride Drivers Seat. Locking Hubs, 4X4, Exhaust Brake, Allison Transmission, A/C, Automatic. No Crew Cab. Mileage: 5400 Please contact via email if interested. Further contact information will be given to interested parties.

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Date Posted:02/04/2011

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