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About The Bluebird Bus

Bluebird buses are one of the most popular manufacturers of coaches for sale today. They have been in business for quite some time and have built a reputation for producing a quality product in the bus industry. Generally speaking if you are look for a bluebird bus for sale you are probably searching for a nice used bluebird school bus at a reasonable price as bluebird makes some of the highest quality and most popular school buses available for sale today.

Bluebird Bus Models

The 2009 Bluebird Vision school bus is bluebirds newest line of school bus model that is currently in production and the bluebird vision series has been the main school bus series produced by bluebird for the past few years, the 2008 bluebird vision coach, 2007 bluebird vision coach, etc. A common pairing over the years and especially throughout the 1980's and 1990's if you are looking for a classic yellow school bus, a bluebird school bus for sale from that era would most likely be coupled with an international chassis or international bus build. These make for the classis school bus look that is familiar to most of us, whether we have attended school in the last few decades for not.

Bluebird activity buses for sale are another alternative to the yellow school bus, however still in the school bus style chassis and bus body. Bluebird activity buses are a popular solution for sports teams, bands and musicians, travelling performers, or travelling groups or teams of any sort and very nice looking buses in my opinion.

Used Bluebird Buses

Throughout our site you can find some examples of bluebird coaches for sale and below I would like to list a few models that we have included pictures for so you can see the various types of used bluebird school buses for sale that we have been discussing.

    Bluebird Models
  • 2002 Blue Bird / International
  • Specialty Vehicle / Handicap Accessible / Bluebird Wheelchair Bus
  • 2000 Blue Bird International
  • 1999 Blue Bird International Wheelchair Bus
  • 1991 Blue Bird International
  • 1994 Blue Bird / GMC Specialty Vehicle / Handicap Accessible / Bluebird GMC Wheelchair Bus
  • 1997 Blue Bird / Ford School Bus For Sale
  • 1981 Blue Bird / International School Bus
  • 1982 Blue Bird / International Coach
  • 1985 Blue Bird / International Motor Coach
  • 1988 Blue Bird / International Bus Chassis
  • 1993 Blue Bird / International Bus
  • 1999 Blue Bird / International Bluebird School Bus
  • 1997 Blue Bird / International
  • 1992 Blue Bird / International
  • 1992 Blue Bird / Ford School Bus

Another popular style of bluebird bus sales are the Bluebird LTC models. The bluebird ltc school bus and the blueebird ltc 40 bus for sale. Additionally the bluebird coach models FE series as well as TC series were widely produced and should be considered once again when looking into the purchase of a used bluebird for sale, whether it is a bluebird for sale by owner, privately, through a broker, or bluebird bus dealer.

Bluebird Bus Sales - FE / TC Series School Buses For Sale
  • 1998 Bluebird TC2000
  • 1996 Bluebird TC2000 Series For Sale
  • 1983 Bluebird All-American FE
  • Used 1984 Bluebird All-American FE Motor Coach
  • 2004 Bluebird All-American FE Bus For Sale
  • 2001 Bluebird TC2000 FE Bus
  • 2002 Bluebird TC2000 FE Coach
  • 1995 Bluebird TC2000 FE Wheelchair Accessible Bus
  • 1994 Bluebird TC2000 FE Series
  • 1992 Bluebird TC2000 Series FE
  • Used 1989 Bluebird TC2000 FE Coach