Best Station Wagons of 2011

Best Station Wagons of 2011 Acura TSX
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Best Station Wagons of 2011 Cadillac CTSV Best Station Wagons of 2011 Mercedes-Benz E350 Best Station Wagons of 2011 Subaru Impreza

Some of the best station wagons of 2011 are here. If you have read some of our other articles on these vehicles, you would know that the station wagons of 2011 have some fierce competition. Other vehicle types such as SUVs and minivans have dwarfed their popularity and purpose. However, there is still room for station wagon sales in 2011.

How do they keep market share? By being the best sport wagons of 2011. What that means is they have changed their face. Its taking the old idea to the modern age. Older models, meaning half a decade ago, were functional for their purpose. But they also had a special look. They were eccentric, they had personality. They looked, for lack of a better word, good. During the decline, they were still function, but they sacrificed their look. They just got ugly.

Now, they aim for as sleek as possible while maintaining function. And isnt that what its all about these days?

Best Sport Wagons of 2011

So, the sport wagon was born. And there is still a lot of negativity centered on these vehicles, but honestly.. These cars look good! And we know they serve a purpose. If you want to knock these ancestors of Americanism, I say who wants an SUV? They are dangerous, fuel inefficient, and there is the stereotype of the SUV owner who is not eco friendly and also completely self consumed. That is not to say that all SUV owners are that way. If you own an SUV don't take offense. I'm sure there are good people out there who own them. I'm sure there are just as many wasteful, self consumed people driving other vehicles. But every time you drive down the road, someone thinks you are a jerk just because of the vehicle you drive.

So why not consider sports wagons in 2011 if you are shopping for a new vehicle?

Station Wagons of 2011

Do I have your attention? Lets hit a few of the best station wagons of 2011, just in case I do.

2011 Acura TSX station wagon. They haven't put out a station wagon since 1997, so you know they mean business with this one. This scores well in a lot of categories. Its agile, competent, and quick. It has quality steering and great brake pedal response. It is comfortable, quiet, and loaded with standard features. And there are no nasty surprises to be had with this one. It lacks in acceleration, however. The engine is 201hp, 2.4L four cylinder engine. There is no V6 alternative. It has a 5 speed automatic transmission. There is no manual transmission alternative. It's pretty weak in that category. But you know, an engine like that is going to be a lot more fuel efficient, so hey.. double edged sword on that one.

2011 Cadillac CTSV Sport Wagon. This baby is nice when it comes to acceleration. It'll hit 60 mph in 4.3 seconds, it'll do 100 in 9.7, and by the time it hits 116, 12.6 seconds have passed and its gone a quarter of a mile! It can move fast. It can break fast. If you are cruisin around at 70 mph, it takes 155 feet to be stationary. Thats just insane. I think Cadillac's biggest concern is going to be potential whiplash victims. What about top speed? You'll never get there. She tops out at 190 mph. This one is a beast. A 556hp engine sits under the hood, V8 of course. I don't even know what magnetorheological dampers are, but its got them. Just kidding, they are shock absorbers that use electro-magnetic fields, and long story short, the absorption responds to the degree of shock. The laymen's term for the fluid in the dampers is smart fluid. One other nice thing about this sweet ride, 25 cubic feat of cargo space with seats up. 33 with seats down.

2011 Subaru Impreza WRX. It barely passes as a wagon, but who cares, its a nice piece. It's not a far cry from its predecessor, but for an already quality vehicle, that is not a problem. Its got wider tires and wheels, and the subframe bushings are stiffer. Woot. 235/45-17 to the rubber. Woot. Track is up 1.5 to the rear and 1.3 to the front. Woot. Despite a relatively small engine, this little guy can zip. With it's five speed manual transmission, it can get to 60 in one shift. Previous models were able to hit 60 in 4.7 seconds. Most of the heart of this guy is the same so more than likely it can pull off the same feat.

2011 Mercedes-Benz E350 4MATIC. The V6 engine is a 268hp, 3.5L. It works with a seven speed automatic transmission, and has all wheel drive. Sure it doesnt have the pickup of the caddy, but what it lacks in power it makes up for in space. Seven passengers. Three rows of seats. The last row is rear facing and retractable. Sweet deal. Of course the interior is high class. Power front seats adjust 14 ways. How do you do that? There are only 3 spatial dimensions. I guess one of them travels through time as well. It also has a 7 inch tv screen. Never hurts. And of course you would expect a Benz to have quality material upholstery, and this one is no exception. Given the size and power, the pick up isnt so great, but thats not what its for. Its a classy, sleek, luxury cargo hauler. If that is what you are after, this is the wagon for you.

Top Station Wagons of 2011

So there you go, some great ideas for some of the best station wagons of 2011. Are there better ones out there? Maybe. But these looked good. You got economical, you got power, you got cargo space. Whatever your pleasure, if a wagon can do it, one of these four should take care of you. Best part is they are all nice lookers. Personally I think the newly named 2011 sports wagons are gonna be makin a comeback. New name, same purpose, some variation, and unique personality.