Dodge Sprinter Vans

The Dodge Sprinter Van was first introduced in 2003. While it has not been out for long the Sprinter has already made it\'s mark on the truck and van industry. It was designed for multiple uses and is family or work friendly. You can haul large loads to construction sites or have plenty of leg room for vacations the choose is completely up to you. There are three basic models Chassis Cab,Cargo Van and Passenger Van.

Dodge Sprinter Chassis

There are several models of the Chassis cab each has it own special qualities. You can compare each model and figure out which one is best for your current needs. The price difference is a little less than $1,000 between the most expensive and cheapest chassis.

  • 3500 cab Chassis 144-in
  • 3500 cab chassis 170-in

Dodge Sprinter Work / Cargo Van

The only noticeable difference in these two models are the length of the truck beds. The first is 144 inches while the second model is slightly longer at 170 inches. most of the time you are given the ability to customize the exact specifications you are looking for. Usually they allow you to pick the engine,transmission,exterior paint,interior seat color,and even the axles. The Sprinter Chassis is great for using if you are transporting medium size loads where a large truck is unnecessary but a smaller truck just won\'t do the job.

If you are looking for a sturdy work vehicle the Cargo Van is perfect. It is great for construction,plumbing,painting and pretty much every job in between. These models can also be customized to fit your business needs. Shelves and drawers can be added for storage. It can have as many seats installed as you want. It can also be painted to match your companies colors and even have your logo put on the side. Unlike the Chassis the price difference in these models are drastically different they range from $39,000-$43,000 which is about a $4,000 difference.

  • 2500 144-in Standard Roof
  • 2500 144-in High Roof
  • 2500 170-in Standard Roof
  • 2500 170-in high Roof

Dodge Sprinter Passenger / Family Van

The Passenger Van is the Third type of Dodge Sprinter. Just like all the other models you can customize the color of the interior and exterior. All of the models come standard with a V-6 Turbo engine and an automatic transmission. It can seat up to twelve passenger in bucket style seats. Each seat has its own seat belt for extra safety while on the road. The seats are broken up into fours rows which include the driver and passenger. Along with two front opening doors a large sliding door is located on the right side of the van. While it may not look like the newest,coolest van in town it certainly does have all the top accessories. It comes equipped with power windows,locks and steering. In the front console is an AM/FM/CD player which has five speakers throughout the entire van. It is a heavy duty automobile and is great for long road trips and big families that need some room to stretch.

  • 2500 Passenger Van Standard Roof 144-in
  • 2500 Passenger Van High Roof 144-in
  • 2500 Passenger Van Standard Roof 170-in
  • 2500 Passenger Van High Roof 170-in

No matter what type of truck you are looking for the Sprinter is sure to fill those needs.It is a versatile and sturdy automobile. It can be used for a various amount of things. You can be sure it is a quality car truck since it is a Dodge.