2001 Polaris Virage For Sale Review

Type:Jetski SalesYear:2001Date Posted:06/29/2011 Make:PolarisModel:Virage
2001 Polaris Virage front
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2001 Polaris Virage rear
2001 Polaris Virage side
2001 Polaris Virage handle bars

2001 Polaris Virage General Review

2001 Polaris Virage front This is a used 2001 Polaris Virage. The engine is a Polaris marine 700LE. This is also a two cylinder, water cooled and case reed induction. This engine has got 95 horse power to it, along with 701ccs. The gas tank can hold up to 17 gallons of gas in it. The transmission is a direct drive. There is only 71 hours of drive time on it.

Polaris Virage Jetski For Sale Interior Review

2001 Polaris Virage rear You can fit up to 3 people on this wave runner. Or up to 500lb. The more people or weight you have on this jetski the slower it will go though. So if you are looking to just ride the waters then bring some friends to enjoy a nice day. If you look in the pictures that have been provided you will see that the seating is in great condition, showing no signs of wear or rub marks on it. There is also padding so you and your friends will be comfortable. All of the rubber grip on the floor is on the jetski so you will not slip on or off this vehicle. Both side mirrors are in tact, showing no signs of broken glass or chipping.

2001 Polaris Virage Jetski Sale Exterior Review

2001 Polaris Virage side The body for this 2001 Polaris Virage looks like it is brand new, showing no cracks or scuffs. It is blue, black and white in color. All of the rubber bumper that goes around the body is all in good shape as well, there are no pieces coming off. The owner has taken good care of this vehicle. The impeller is stainless steel and has 3 blades on it. The pump is a modular big mouth and is single stage.

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