1971 Land Rover Land Rover For Sale Review

Type:Truck SalesYear:1971Date Posted:04/12/2011 Make:Land RoverModel:Land Rover
1971 Land Rover front
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1971 Land Rover Land Rover General Review

1971 Land Rover front

This 1971 Land Rover had a restoration about 4,000 miles ago. This vehicle has been kept in the garage for safe keeping, so nothing happens to it. This is a very strong truck to have.

Land Rover Land Rover Truck For Sale Interior Review

The inside of this vehicle is probably in really good condition, just by looking at how nicely the outside was kept. This jeep truck was treated like brand new. if the outside appears the way it does then I do not see why the inside would not look the same way.

1971 Land Rover Land Rover Truck Sale Exterior Review

This 71 Land Rover is blue in color. It seems to me like this vehicle has a top that comes off to make it a convertible. This is a great feature to have on a beautiful and sunny day. This way you do not have to always use the air conditioner and eat up your gas and also put wear and tear on your ride. If you look at the image that is provided you can see to the front there is a spare tire that is held on the hood. The paint appears to be in magnificent conditions, showing no blemishes, rust, scratches and so on. The owner made sure to take great care of this baby! All of the windows and lighting appear to be in working condition. Nothing looks to be broken or chipped or even cracked at all.

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