2005 Toyota Tacoma X Runner For Sale Review

Type:Truck SalesYear:2005Date Posted:06/18/2009 Make:ToyotaModel:Tacoma X Runner
2005 Toyota Tacoma
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Toyota Tacoma X Runner

2005 Toyota Tacoma X Runner General Review

2005 Toyota Tacoma The 2005 Toyota Tacoma X Runner has a VVT- i V6 six cylinder gasoline engine and a manual transmission. This Tacoma has a little under 80,000 miles on it. An extended cab gives you room for up to four passengers. Comes equipped with anti-lock brakes,cruise control and power steering. Driver,passenger and side air bags are available for your safety.

Toyota Tacoma X Runner Truck For Sale Interior Review

Toyota Tacoma X Runner The interior of the cab is mostly gray. All of the seats are covered with leather which is also gray. An AM/FM/6 disc cd player is intalled in the dashboard along with AC/Heat controls. Both the driver and passenger are adjustable while the back seat is a little small and may be uncomfortable during long trips. The back seat has two cup holders and can be folded down for extra storage. All of the doors and windows are power operated.

2005 Toyota Tacoma X Runner Truck Sale Exterior Review

It has a beautiful blue paint job. The tires have 22 inch rims. Due to the extended cab the truck bed is slightly smaller than average but comes with a built in hard top cover. The Tacoma X Runner has two full size front doors and two half size back doors to make it easier for all passengers to enter the truck.

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