1961 Ford F100 Pickup For Sale Review

Type:Truck SalesYear:1961Date Posted:04/14/2011 Make:FordModel:F100 Pickup
1961 Ford F100 Pickup truck profile
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1961 Ford F100 Pickup General Review

1961 Ford F100 Pickup truck profile

This 1961 Ford F100 Pickup is selling for $21,900. This baby is coming all the way from Ellington Connecticut, so if you are far away from there you will have to find a way to bring it home. This is a truck I would not pass up! This is being sold by Classic Motor Cars of Ellington CT.

Ford F100 Pickup Truck For Sale Interior Review

The interior of this Ford pickup is black in color. If the inside looks anything like the outside of this antique vehicle then this would make any person that is buying it a very pleased individual. Just look at how well kept it has been and then ask is this really for me? That answer would be YES! From the image that has been provided the inside appears to have everything it came with and everything it needs to ride and go.

1961 Ford F100 Pickup Truck Sale Exterior Review

The paint on this truck is a bright and shiny red. There does not look to be any rust or body cancer at all. Not even a ding , dent or nick. This truck has been very pampered and cared for. The glass is all in tack as well showing no signs of cracks, pings, pock marks or spidering. The front bumper appears to be a shiny chrome again with no damage. This baby all around has been cared for in the utmost of ways!

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1961 Ford F100 Pickup truck profile
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