2006 Lincoln Mark LT For Sale

2006 Lincoln Mark LT
Image of a 2006 Lincoln Mark  LT
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Image of a 2006 Lincoln Mark  LT Image of a 2006 Lincoln Mark  LT Image of a 2006 Lincoln Mark  LT
Image of a 2006 Lincoln Mark  LT

'06 Lincoln Mark LT Truck Details

This is a nice clean Lincoln MARK LT Pick Up Truck ~ 2 wheel drive with push button option for engaging rear positive traction ~ Purchased new in Ga. All power and all works GREAT. All leather and in very good condition. Has 128,000 highway miles, new tires, and ac is good. Has some extra added goodies: navigation system, has PC hookup and power source, cell phone antenna and charger, and has the Lincoln brand bed liner. The Lincoln Mark LT truck is known for it's luxurious ride and comfort with all the buttons of luxury. The truck shows current mpg and this one is 18.4 when driven in my area. Is a daily driver, well maintained, drives very smooth and comfortable. The truck has 2 very small dents on it's body, and a small dent in the rear bumper. These are small and does not take away from it's looks, and the interior is in great condition ~ no rips or tears. Asking 16,500.00 ~ Below Loan Value!!! *~* FIRM ON PRICE *~* Please NO EMAILS but *~* CALL ANYTIME *~* 706 - 897 - 8926 Selling only because this is too nice a truck for my occupation ~ Serious Inquires Only!!! Thank You!!! ;incoln, lincoln mark lt, lincoln pickup, luxury truck, 2006 lincoln truck, 2006 lincoln, 2006 lincoln mark lt, Interior is leather with no tares and no holes. The seats could stand a light cleaning ~ otherwise back bumper has b GREAT condition! The body has two very small dents ~ small ding.bark bumper has s slight bend where it was backed up to hook a boat trailer and accidently bit the bumper ~ small ding.

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Model:Mark LT
Date Posted:03/30/2011

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