2003 GMC Sierra2500 For Sale

2003 GMC Sierra2500
Image of a 2003 GMC Sierra2500
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Image of a 2003 GMC Sierra2500 Image of a 2003 GMC Sierra2500 Image of a 2003 GMC Sierra2500
Image of a 2003 GMC Sierra2500

'03 GMC Sierra2500 Truck Details

PRICE: $3400 Thank you for viewing this 2003 GMC Sierra SLE with the legendary 6.6L Duramax turbo diesel engine. The exterior paint is in good condition and is sure shows this truck was taken care of.. This truck is not all dented and beat up. It was used personally. The vehicle's interior looks great and it is in far better condition than what is expected for its age. All interior components are in good working order. The engine starts right up with absolutely no problems and the transmission shifts very smoothly. The previous owner added some nice aftermarket wheels and some BFG all terrain tires. I have had the pleasure of putting around 650 miles on this truck over the last week.If you have been in the market for a nice reliable and affordable GMC 2500 HD with the diesel engine...then look no further!!! Here is your chance to buy that truck you've always wanted!! Please do not wait long on this truck. This GMC is not going to last long. Excellent shape mechanically and cosmetically, looks and runs like new, very well kept and clean....mint condition. Feel free to e-mail me for any questions at: johanna9va.z.q.uez@gmail.com Thank you...

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Date Posted:02/06/2014

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