1969 Dodge Polara For Sale Review

Type:Station Wagon SalesYear:1969Date Posted:04/11/2011 Make:DodgeModel:Polara
69 Dodge Polara front
Extra Images
1969 Dodge Polara rear
1969 Dodge Polara interior
69 Dodge Polara engine

1969 Dodge Polara General Review

69 Dodge Polara front

This 1969 Dodge Polara has 75,200 miles on it. This baby is selling for $12,995. There are 4 doors to get in and out of. You can fit up to nine people in this wagon comfortably. The engine under the hood is 383 cubic inches and it is a 2-V.

Dodge Polara Station Wagon For Sale Interior Review

1969 Dodge Polara rear

The inside of this vintage car is in somewhat good condition. You can see the wear and tear to the carpet. The seating however is in really good shape. There does not appear to be any cracking, holes or even loose threads. The seating is bench style and is brown in color. The material for the seats is vinyl. This is a good material I think because if anything gets spilled or dropped on it they can easily wipe it up. That and you can use sprays to keep it clean. There is power steering. For good climate control the windows go up and down and plus this car has air condition, so no more sticking to that hot seat in the summer time.

1969 Dodge Polara Station Wagon Sale Exterior Review

1969 Dodge Polara interior

The outside of this vehicle is an off white color. From the images provided there does not appear to be any damage to the body at all. For a white car it is in beautiful condition, no rust, dents, scratches, marks or any of that. There are power brakes. The tires are black wall radials and they have small hubcaps on them. You can see that this car has a luggage rack on the roof, so there is more room inside if you have to go on a long journey!

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