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2005 Volkswagen JETTA
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Image of a 2005 Volkswagen JETTA Image of a 2005 Volkswagen JETTA Image of a 2005 Volkswagen JETTA
Image of a 2005 Volkswagen JETTA

'05 Volkswagen JETTA Car Details

This 2005 Volkswagen JETTA 1.9L TDI DIESEL WITH AUTOMATIC TRANSMISSION is a great previously owned vehicle.This is a smoke-free automobile.Vehicle does not show any signs of collision damage.The engine on this vehicle is running properly.This vehicle has no known defects.The overall condition of this vehicle's exterior is average.Extra clean interior and exterior. Absolutely no rips, odors or abuse.There are no signs of prior damage on this vehicle.This vehicle has a smooth shifting transmission.All power equipment is functioning properly.Looks,runs, drives and sounds amazing!Excellent shape mechanically and cosmetically, looks and runs like new, very well kept and clean....mint condition. Feel free to e-mail me for any questions at: Melissa4N.o.w.el.l@gmail.com Thank you... Price: $2675

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Date Posted:10/09/2013

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