1950 Pontiac Silver streak For Sale Review

Type:Car SalesYear:1950Date Posted:04/12/2011 Make:PontiacModel:Silver streak
1950 Pontiac Silver Streak front
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50 Pontiac Silver Streak rear
1950 Pontiac Silver Streak interior
50 Pontiac Silver Streak engine

1950 Pontiac Silver streak General Review

1950 Pontiac Silver Streak front

This 1950 Pontiac Silver Streak is selling for $32,500 bucks. This car has never been restored, it is all original! This vehicle has been in a Pontiac show. This vehicle has had a total of 4 owners and is still in almost perfect condition. The engine for this car has a three speed column shift, and is a six cylinder. This car is a shiny black color, showing no signs of damage to it.

Pontiac Silver streak Car For Sale Interior Review

50 Pontiac Silver Streak rear

The rubber mats that go under the driver and passenger side are in just about perfect condition. The trim around the car is chrome, all original and still in really great shape as well. The parts of the car the are die-cast are looking great with no pits and they still sparkle. The only 2 pieces of glass that are not original on this 1950 Pontiac are the rear and driver side. The rest even have the 1950 factory code stamped on it. The sun visors are in tack and the original ones. The interior of this vehicle is tri-color and is all cloth. The seats show no damage to them. They are bench type seating. The doors and windows are all manual.

1950 Pontiac Silver streak Car Sale Exterior Review

1950 Pontiac Silver Streak interior

This is a two door vehicle. The panels on the door are all original as well and in brand new looking conditions. The wind lace is not cracking or dry rotted either and it is what was put on the car when it was bought. This car has bumper and grill guards. The headlight rings are deluxe and chrome. This car even has a fender skirt, along with a stone guard.

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