1979 Pontiac Trans am For Sale Review

Type:Car SalesYear:1979Date Posted:04/08/2011 Make:PontiacModel:Trans am
1979 Pontiac Trans AM front
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79 Pontiac Trans AM rear
1979 Pontiac Trans AM interior
79 Pontiac Trans AM engine

1979 Pontiac Trans am General Review

1979 Pontiac Trans AM front

This 1979 Pontiac Trans AM is selling for $21,900. This car has a 400 ci engine, along with a factory four speed manual transmission.

Pontiac Trans am Car For Sale Interior Review

79 Pontiac Trans AM rear

The interior for this car is in great condition. It is all shiny with no cracking or fading to it. The seats are black in color and a leather material. If you look at the image you can see that even the carpet is still in great shape as well. It does not have any holes that I can see or major stains. This vehicle has bucket seating. The air conditioner is factory and is great for climate control on those really hot days. The tachometer and other gauges are all working and there to let you know if your car is running right. There is an am/fm radio for some good tunes as your driving.

1979 Pontiac Trans am Car Sale Exterior Review

1979 Pontiac Trans AM interior

The paint for this vehicle is in good condition showing minimal to no damage. This car is blue in color with an eagle decal on the top of the hood. All of the wheels have disc breaks for a safer stop. The tires are 15" snowflakes. Towards the rear of the car it has dual exhaust with chrome tips.

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