2003 Van Hool T2045 For Sale Review

Type:Bus SalesYear:2003Date Posted:01/27/2011 Make:Van HoolModel:T2045
2003 Van Hool T2045 front left
Extra Images
2003 Van Hool T2045 side view
2003 Van Hool T2045 interior
2003 Van Hool T2045 driver seat

2003 Van Hool T2045 General Review

2003 Van Hool T2045 front left This 2003 Van Hool T2045 bus has a S60 Detroit 12.7 liter engine. The engine is also equipped with a webasto heater. There is an automatic transmission, Allison B500. this type of bus is probably used for really large group travels, such as out of country travels, long tours and much more. And this particular bus has an extended 5 year warranty for the engine and transmission. This bus is a 56 passanger vehicle plus 1 for the driver.

Van Hool T2045 Bus For Sale Interior Review

2003 Van Hool T2045 side view Inside this bus has an expanded entry way so your not bumping or bothering the other passengers. For those who like to keep it cool there are individual air vent above each seat. Some of us like to bring books and have other hobbies that require lighting, over each seat there is a light that you can access yourself. Now when you travel, frequent stops to find a restroom is never fun, that's why this bus has a lavatory inside. For a comfortable ride the seating in this bus is exceptional. Napping on long drives for most of us is a necessity, but who wants to nap with a bunch of light in their faces? That iss why each window has a shade that you can pull down.

2003 Van Hool T2045 Bus Sale Exterior Review

2003 Van Hool T2045 interior From looking at the images shown this bus in particular has a great looking body with minimal to no damage or rust spots. And since this is a larger bus with more passengers there is plenty of under carriage storage for your baggage. The color of this bus is white with blue and black design, which can be changed if desired.

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