1995 Ford E350 For Sale Review

Type:Bus SalesYear:1995Date Posted:02/01/2011 Make:FordModel:E350
1995 Ford E350 side of bus
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1995 Ford E350 driver area
1995 Ford E350 interior

1995 Ford E350 General Review

1995 Ford E350 side of bus This 1995 Ford E350 shuttle bus has a 5.8 l gas tank and a 4 speed automatic transmission. It is also equipped with over drive. This bus is your basic white color. You can use this mini bus for students or adults, for small outings such as church, field trips or a shuttle.

Ford E350 Bus For Sale Interior Review

1995 Ford E350 driver area The inside holds 14 passengers and a spot for the driver as well as 1 wheel chair. For great climate control there is air conditioning and heat. The seating is a green leather type material with handle bars at the top. If you look at the image in the middle of the isle is where the wheelchair set up is.

1995 Ford E350 Bus Sale Exterior Review

1995 Ford E350 interior There appears to be little to no damage to the outside of the bus and the paint looks great. On the passenger side of the bus is where the wheel chair lift is. The windows have slight tint to them. In the back of the bus there is an emergency exit door.

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