2001 Setra 217 For Sale Review

Type:Bus SalesYear:2001Date Posted:02/01/2011 Make:SetraModel:217
2001 Setra 217 side
Extra Images
2001 Setra 217 interior
2001 Setra 217 driver area
2001 Setra 217 engine

2001 Setra 217 General Review

2001 Setra 217 side This 2001 Setra 217 has 60 Series Detroit diesel engine and an Allison B500 transmission, as many busses do. This bus is a big boy, it carries 58 passengers plus a spot for the driver. This bus is white with red stripes on it.

Setra 217 Bus For Sale Interior Review

2001 Setra 217 interior This bus is equipped with a restroom for those long journeys. You can use this vehicle for long journeys such as tours, long travels and much more. Each seat is a cloth material, rainbow in color and appear to have head rest covers on them. And the trim is some kind of either wood or plastic made to look wood. On this bus you will see there are televisions and DVD player for your entertainment.

2001 Setra 217 Bus Sale Exterior Review

2001 Setra 217 driver area The exterior of this vehicle appears to be in good condition, with few to no markings or dents. And the engine appears to be in great shape too. As seen in the images there is plenty of under carriage storage for your luggage. There are 4 compartments on each side of the bus. Each window has tint for less sun to come in and privacy for the passengers. To the front of the bus there are upper and lower mirrors for the driver to see to the sides and rear of them better. And there is a destination sign at the top of the windows so the people riding know where they are going.

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