1993 BMW 740IL For Sale

1993 BMW 740IL
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Image of a 1993 BMW 740IL Image of a 1993 BMW 740IL Image of a 1993 BMW 740IL
Image of a 1993 BMW 740IL Image of a 1993 BMW 740IL Image of a 1993 BMW 740IL

'93 BMW 740IL Car Details

I have a 1993 BMW 740IL for sale, $2500 or best offer. I am the second owner, no dents, interior is like new. The color is black with black interior, factory tinted windows, custom wheels and tires less than 3 years old. It has a V8 engine that gets great gas mileage on the freeway. It is fully loaded and everything works. 6 disc CD changer in the trunk, wood paneling dash and shift panel. Engine runs very smooth and solid, never had any problems with engine. I had new struts installed in the front about a year and a half ago. The reason I am selling it at this price is because the transmission may have to be rebuilt. It will run with the transmission as it is but you have to warm it up completely before driving it. I only drive it about once a week to the store because it will sometime slip into a lower gear, but I pull it over for ten seconds and restart it and it's okay then. I am not working now so I don't have the money to get it repaired. I checked on the internet, and there are many used transmissions available for this year and model, ranging from $700.00 up to $1900.00 depending on mileage. There is a place in Lynwood Ca. that has one with 99k miles for $750.00, with a 6 month warranty. Kelly bluebook on this car ranges from $3600.00 in excellent condition. I am selling it below the fair market value of $2600.00 because of the transmission. If you fix the transmission the value will go up to the excellent price of $3600.00 without the custom wheels. It is a great car, and I enjoyed driving it before this. If I could get it fixed I would continue to drive it because I love the way it handles, and it is an eye catcher on the road. I would consider a trade for something comparable. This can be an excellent family car, it is the longer version of the 700 series, so there is plenty of leg room in the rear. Come and check it out, you will agree. Then make me a reasonable offer. Serious buyers only please, selling as is, thank you. I have some pictures posted, but call me if you want to see more. Thank you for taking the time to read my details, it's just that there is a lot to offer on this car. My number is 408-903-6890, and my name is Mike. Around 205000 original miles, mostly freeway.

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Date Posted:11/17/2010

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