1990 MCI 102a3 For Sale Review

Type:Bus SalesYear:1990Date Posted:01/26/2011 Make:MCIModel:102a3
1990 MCI 102A3  front
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1990 MCI 102A3  rear
1990 MCI 102A3  interior
1990 MCI 102A3  engine

1990 MCI 102a3 General Review

1990 MCI 102A3  front This 1990 MCI 102A3 is a Detroit 6v92 engine with an Allison HT-740 transmission in it.

MCI 102a3 Bus For Sale Interior Review

1990 MCI 102A3  rear This model bus holds up to 47 passengers. So if you are looking to go on a tour with lots of people this is a great bus for that. There is over head racks so you can bring things to keep you occupied for your journeys. And for those of you who like to read, knit and other hobby's that need lighting there is overhead lights so you can see better. In the image shown you can see that the seats look very comfortable for napping or just to kick back and relax in..

1990 MCI 102a3 Bus Sale Exterior Review

1990 MCI 102A3  interior As far as the outer part of the bus again in the image you can see that there is undercarriage compartments for those of you who like to pack a little more. Or, if you want to bring lots of thing back from your trip you can place them underneath. This bus is just your basic white but I am sure you could have it repainted the color of your choice or it may come in other nice colors.

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