1985 MCI 96A3 For Sale Review

Type:Bus SalesYear:1985Date Posted:01/26/2009 Make:MCIModel:96A3
front of 1985 MCI 96A3
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Back of 1985 MCI bus
Interior of MCI bus
side view of MCI motor coach

1985 MCI 96A3 General Review

front of 1985 MCI 96A3 The 1985 MCI 96A3 is a 47 passenger bus. It has a Detroit Diesel 6V92 engine and an Allison HT740 five speed automatic transmission. The 1985 MCI has a restroom located in the rear of the bus.

MCI 96A3 Bus For Sale Interior Review

Back of 1985 MCI bus All of the seats are covered with a bright blue cloth seat cover. They all recline to position yourself comfortable. Individual reading lights are over each seat in case you feel like flipping through a magazine while your neighbor is sleeping. There are also personal AC vents that can be adjusted to your preference. You have plenty of storage in the large over head compartments. To keep everyone entertained to small flat screen televisions flip down in the front of the bus. Next to a small row of seats in the back of the bus is a small restroom.

1985 MCI 96A3 Bus Sale Exterior Review

Interior of MCI bus The exterior of the MCI 96A3 is pretty basic. It is painted red,white and blue much like an American flag. There are two luggage areas on the side of this bus that are quite large. Above the windshield is am automated sign that can be programmed to read the buses current destination.

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