1955 Chevrolet Stepside For Sale Review

Type:Car SalesYear:1955Date Posted:04/04/2011 Make:ChevroletModel:Stepside
1955 Chevrolet Stepside front
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55 Chevrolet Stepside rear
1955 Stepside interior
55 Stepside engine

1955 Chevrolet Stepside General Review

1955 Chevrolet Stepside front

This 1955 Chevrolet Stepside is $50,000. The engine is a 350 chev small block rebuilt and balanced. This car has something that is called high preformance cam to it. The exterior of the car is a bright red in color and appears to have little to no damage and is in excellent condition.

Chevrolet Stepside Car For Sale Interior Review

55 Chevrolet Stepside rear

This stepside has a gray interior that is tweed. All of the interior all around the inside are the same in color and material. The dash board has been redone to make all of the knobs and switches hidden. So the driver can sit comfortably the steering wheel tilts. The the stereo system has been upgraded to a CD player. Also for the stereo there is a remote to make changing the channel or CD much easier.

1955 Chevrolet Stepside Car Sale Exterior Review

1955 Stepside interior

The frame for the car is all original and is a steel material.The grill has been welded and also smoothed showing no surrounding. The hood for this car has been redone as well. It has been wedge cut. This has also been laid down 3.5 inches. For the back of this vehicle the bed was widened 4 more inches from the original size to have a custom header and tail gate put on. The breaks are 11 inches and are disc brakes.

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