2008 Lexus LS460 For Sale Review

Type:Limo SalesYear:2008Date Posted:07/24/2009 Make:LexusModel:LS460
2008 Lexus  Limousine left front
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2008 Lexus  Limousine right front
2008 Lexus  Limo interior (1)
2008 Lexus  Limo interior (2)

2008 Lexus LS460 General Review

2008 Lexus  Limousine left front This is a 2008 Lexus LS460 LIMOUSINE with 8,500 miles. It is a 140 inch stretch limo. It will seat 10 passengers comfortably. It comes with a 1 year warranty from the Limo Manufacturer and the Lexus standard warranty.

Lexus LS460 Limo For Sale Interior Review

2008 Lexus  Limousine right front This 2008 Lexus LS460 is a party animal's limo. It has it all. Forget about A/C and power this and power that, of course it all those things, but it also has THREE 15 inch TV's, ONE 7 inch TV, Stainless Disco Ceiling, Fiber Optics with Neon, Custom Bars and Seats, Hardwood Floors, Mega Surround Sound and VERY SPACIOUS all around. It don't get any better than this limo.

2008 Lexus LS460 Limo Sale Exterior Review

2008 Lexus  Limo interior (1) This 2008 Lexus LIMOUSINE. THIS IS THEIR TOP LUXURY SEDAN. This Black Limo doesn't have a mark on it. There are any dings, no dents and no scratches. It gets polished several times a day.

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