2007 Chrysler 300 series For Sale Review

Type:Limo SalesYear:2007Date Posted:01/21/2009 Make:ChryslerModel:300 series
Exterior picture of Chrysler 300
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Interior of Chrysler limo
Ceiling lights in Chrysler 300 series Limousine
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2007 Chrysler 300 series General Review

Exterior picture of Chrysler 300 The 2007 Chrysler 300 series can hold 8 people comfortable. It has a gasoline powered 6 cylinder engine and a automatic transmission.

Chrysler 300 series Limo For Sale Interior Review

Interior of Chrysler limo The rear cabin of the Chrysler 300 has a gray and black J shaped leather couch style seat and gray carpeting. The ceiling is fiber optic starlight design that looks as if your sitting under the stars. A large bar comes fully equipped with champagne and rocks glasses. You will also get decanters to hold beverages. The bar has 2 insulated ice bins so your ice won't melt away. Fiber optic lights illuminate the bar and accent the wall and ceiling. A hand free intercom makes it easy to communicate with the driver. A digital touchpad controls the lights,air,heater and windows. A Sony AM/FM/CD/DVD player and TV tuner can be watched on two LCD televisions with surround sound. One of the televisions is behind a mirror like glass over the bar. You can hook up your Ipod or an mp3 player to the stereo system.

2007 Chrysler 300 series Limo Sale Exterior Review

Ceiling lights in Chrysler 300 series Limousine The Chrysler 300 series has a has a black body and a gray roof. It has 4 doors. There are 4 windows that roll up or down and two long windows that do not move. Tinted windows make sure that nobody can look in one the fun. The hood has a Bentley style front grill with a Chrysler logo. The wheels are 18" inches with chrome rims.

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