1974 Toyota fj40 For Sale

1974 Toyota fj40
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Image of a 1974 Toyota fj40

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I own a FJ40 restoration shop, I find the best vehicles in the world for partial or full restoration. 74+ are the best years due to the factory 4 speed, disc brakes, better doors and overall design. Of the 400+ FJ40’s I’ve owned this is in the top 5 original rust free body. The exterior paint is factory, no rot or rust in this vehicle. I did not repaint it due to the rarity of a body in this condition. This FJ spent 2 months in my shop going over everything to make it turn-key for the next owner. I fixed anything that needed attention, just a bunch of minor things on this one. I have it as dependable as a vintage vehicle can be. This FJ is for someone who never wants to deal with rust (99% of FJ’s have serious rust issues) wants a dependable fun rig that he or she can enjoy now, is set up with all the right stuff, and does not want to pay for a perfect trailer queen. You can actually use this vehicle. I have a stack of receipts included with this truck.

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Date Posted:04/25/2011

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