2011 Kawasaki ULTRA 300X For Sale Review

Type:Jetski SalesYear:2011Date Posted:06/25/2011 Make:KawasakiModel:ULTRA 300X
2011 Kawasaki ultra 300xside
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2011 Kawasaki ultra 300x rear
2011 Kawasaki ultra 300x handle bars
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2011 Kawasaki ULTRA 300X General Review

2011 Kawasaki ultra 300xside This 2011 Kawasaki ultra 300x is brand new. The engine is a four stroke and has 4 valves per cylinder.There is 300 horse power at 7,750 rpms. This engine is also intercooled along with being a supercharge. The body of this wave runner is 132.7 inches in length, 45.3 inches in height and 1,040.8 pounds. As for the gas tank, it can hold up to 20.6 gallons of gas. Another good feature is that this Kawasaki has an electric start to it. You can fit up to 3 people on this vehicle, although the more weight you have on it, the slower it will run.

Kawasaki ULTRA 300X Jetski For Sale Interior Review

2011 Kawasaki ultra 300x rear To the front of this 2011 Kawasaki ultra 300x the seating is jet back, and the seat behind that one is gray, both being a leather material and having padding for a much more comfortable ride. If you look to the very front you will see all the proper gauges and in working condition. This is so you know how fast you are going , how much gas you have and how many hours were put on. To the bottom there are rubber grip mats to prevent you from slipping upon entering or exiting this vehicle.

2011 Kawasaki ULTRA 300X Jetski Sale Exterior Review

2011 Kawasaki ultra 300x handle bars Both of the side mirrors are free of cracks, scratches or any other damage. The body of this jet ski is red, black and white in color. There are no scratches, dents or any kind of other damage on the body. The red rubber bumper that goes all the way around the body is also in perfect shape and is not falling off, and free of damage. The rubber bumper is there, so if you should bump into something this will help prevent the seadoo from receiving any dents and such.

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