2008 Surfango Adventurer GT For Sale Review

Type:Jetski SalesYear:2008Date Posted:06/23/2011 Make:SurfangoModel:Adventurer GT
2008 Surfango GT  inside
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2008 Surfango GT  side
2008 Surfango GT  engine

2008 Surfango Adventurer GT General Review

2008 Surfango GT  inside This 2008 Surfango GT is a motorized kayak. This is brand new and is still in its shipping package. This PWC has a 9.5 four stroke engine, with an electric starter. It is 11ft 2 in in length. The width of this kayak is 29". And the weight limit for this personalized water craft os 300 pounds.

Surfango Adventurer GT Jetski For Sale Interior Review

2008 Surfango GT  side This 2008 Surfango GT has a hole to the top of this kayak that you sit in, it has a small seat but does not appear to be the most comfortable. It does not have much if any at all padding so you may want to get a waterproof cushion for your rear end. There is an electric starter. To maneuver this motorized kayak there is a joystick that is located in between your legs while you are seated that has a trigger throttle. There is also a spot that you can view how fast you are going, how much gas you have and your rpms.

2008 Surfango Adventurer GT Jetski Sale Exterior Review

2008 Surfango GT  engine There is a closed loop water cooling system built in this Jetski. If you happen to run in to a place where there is a lot of weeds or other debris there is a jet with weed cutter attached. So you can store things you do not want wet or damaged there is storage spot that is 28x20 inches and stays dry. This particular kayak is a light blue in color.

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