2007 Kawasaki STX12F For Sale Review

Type:Jetski SalesYear:2007Date Posted:06/27/2011 Make:KawasakiModel:STX12F
2007 Kawasaki STX12f front
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2007 Kawasaki STX12f rear
2007 Kawasaki STX12f gauges
2007 Kawasaki STX12f engine

2007 Kawasaki STX12F General Review

2007 Kawasaki STX12f front This is a 2007 Kawasaki STX12f jetski and is used. This is a 3 seat vehicle. But if you are looking for speed I would not ride 3 people on it at 1 time. There is only 68 hours of driving time. The engine has a dual overhead camshaft in it, along with 1,199cc and is a water cooled engine. There is an electric control unit, that helps with the ignition and fuel injection. The ignition is TCBI as well as digital advanced. The height is 41.3 inches, weight is 737 pounds and the length is 122.8 inches high.

Kawasaki STX12F Jetski For Sale Interior Review

2007 Kawasaki STX12f rear This 2009 is in great shape. It appears that the owner has taken great care of this vehicle. The seating is a jet black in color and has padding for your comfort. The handle bars and gauges are all in their proper working conditions. If you look to the sides of this Personal water craft, you will see the side view mirrors are all in tact and show no signs of broken or cracked glass. The rubber mats are all at the bottom of this jetski and appear to be in great shape, showing no missing ones or torn up.

2007 Kawasaki STX12F Jetski Sale Exterior Review

2007 Kawasaki STX12f gauges The outside of this 2007 Kawasaki STX12f is white, blue and black in color. The body does not appear to have any damage at all. The paint looks like it is a brand new paint job, but it is not. The owner has taken good care of this jet ski. To the rear of the vehicle you will see a tow hook so you can do some water skiing or even just relax in a tube. The exhaust was tuned extremely well, this was done to lower the hood temp as well as to keep it as quiet as possibly can be.

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