2006 SeaDoo GTI For Sale Review

Type:Jetski SalesYear:2006Date Posted:03/31/2011 Make:SeaDooModel:GTI
2006 Seadoo GTI waverunner side profile
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2006 Seadoo GTI jetski front profile
2006 Seadoo GTI pwc side view
2006 Seadoo GTI Wave Runner underbelly

2006 SeaDoo GTI General Review

2006 Seadoo GTI waverunner side profile

The 2006 Seadoo GTI, not to be confused with the 2006 Seadoo GTI SE, has a fuel injected 4 valve Rotax SOHC engine rated around 130hp that uses gasoline and has a fuel storage capacity of 15.9 gallons, which is fairly standard for Seadoo Waverunners. It has a direct drive three gear (forward, neutral, reverse) transmission with a Bombardier water jet propulsion system. The pump is made of composite aluminum. The dry weight is 732 lbs, and it uses a 12 volt battery

So what is the difference between the '06 Seadoo GTI for sale, and the 2006 GTI SE? Well, really its just a few key differences. The GTI SE is just like the GTI standard, but in addition has included two extra gauges (speedometer and lake temperature), mirros, carpeted step wells for comfort and safety, a reboarding deck pad and reboarding step. This extra features push the weight up a little bit, by about 15 lbs. Of course, you can get most of these things as an optional piece of equipment so in the grand scheme of things, the GTI SE and the GTI are essentially the same, the SE is just a bit more tricked out.

SeaDoo GTI Jetski For Sale Interior Review

2006 Seadoo GTI jetski front profile

A used 2006 Sea Doo GTI has seating capacity for up to three riders. The seats have seat straps, always a staple safety feature. A Seadoo standard, the impeller is stainless steel and has urethane fittings that are easily replaceable for maintenance down the road. For gauges, it has fuel level, oil pressure, voltage, tachometer, and check engine. There are 14 read outs in all but these are the most significant. Optionally you can get a speedometer, but nothing about lake temperature is mentioned. That may be unique to the SE. Storage capacity is a standard 13.2 gallons of watertight storage between the storage compartments and glove compartment, and the front is removable for quick access to the front storage compartment. It also has the DESS feature, which stands for digitally encoded security system, and is an anti theft feature.

2006 SeaDoo GTI Jetski Sale Exterior Review

2006 Seadoo GTI pwc side view

The Physical dimensions of the 2006 Sea Doo GTI waverunner are 127 x 49 x 44.4 inches (l x w x h). The body is modified V type design with fiberglass composite material (FRC). It has the sponsons and bumpers, and the slip free hand grips. The fuel tank has the raised fuel filler, and it has docking loops for easy tie down. Unlike the SE, mirrors and reboarding step are optional pieces of equipment and do not come standard.

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