2003 SeaDoo GTX supercharged For Sale Review

Type:Jetski SalesYear:2003Date Posted:06/23/2011 Make:SeaDooModel:GTX supercharged
2003 Seadoo GTX front
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2003 Seadoo GTX side
2003 Seadoo GTX engine

2003 SeaDoo GTX supercharged General Review

2003 Seadoo GTX front This 2003 Seadoo GTX supercharged is a used vehicle but is in good condition. This jet ski has a 4 stroke engine. This is in wonderful shape. This bad boy can go up to the speed of 62 mph. Now that is the kind of seadoo id like to have. Now it does have a bit of hours on it, which is 150 hours, but you know that it was enjoyed. This jet ski was placed in salt water a few times but cleaned each time and well taken care of afterward.

SeaDoo GTX supercharged Jetski For Sale Interior Review

2003 Seadoo GTX side This 2003 Seadoo GTX supercharged is a 3 person jet ski. The seating is gray and a leather material. it is cushioned for your comfort. The seating does not appear to have any damage to it and is not faded from the sun. If for some reason you need to stand up to one side you do not have to worry about this vehicle flipping over and becoming water logged. The handle bars have the proper grip foam on them and is not tattered up, nor are the mirrors.

2003 SeaDoo GTX supercharged Jetski Sale Exterior Review

2003 Seadoo GTX engine This jet ski is bright red and silver in color with a black bottom. Now there are a few rub marks and scuffs from normal use and wear. If you look to the rear you will see there is a tow bar that you can use for water skiing, tubing or wake boarding s well. There is a storage spot so you and your buddies can put all of your personal belongings in to so they do not get wet or lost. The motor in this PWC is a closed loop system, which means that no water will get into the motor.

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