2001 Yamaha XL 800 For Sale Review

Type:Jetski SalesYear:2001Date Posted:03/02/2011 Make:YamahaModel:XL 800
Front of 2001 yamaha xl 800 waverunner
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Side of 2001 yamaha xl 800 wave runner
2001 Yamaha Stock Photo
Yamaha XL 800 Waverunner Engine

2001 Yamaha XL 800 General Review

Front of 2001 yamaha xl 800 waverunner

An average 2001 Yamaha ranges somewhere around 5k. Depending on the condition and the model, the price will obviously vary, but don't expect to pay less than 2.5k or more than 7.5k for an 01 model. This particular 2001 Yamaha XL 800 Waverunner is in great shape and has approximately 100 hours on it. So, something like this might go for about 3k. It has a 120hp 784cc 2 cylinder engine, transmission with reverse, and a fuel capacity of 70 liters. Thanks to 120 hp, fully loaded it can still cruise at a speed of 50 mph, which isn't bad with three people. This one has never had any serious problems. It has been maintained yearly and includes two life jackets and a cover. It rides high, which means that it doesn't dip very deep into the water when it is in motion. That means you will stay dry.

Yamaha XL 800 Jetski For Sale Interior Review

Side of 2001 yamaha xl 800 wave runner

This Yamaha XL 800 Waverunner has a two piece seat that seats three. The two piece seat allows easy access to the storage compartment in the rear. It also has a front storage compartment and a glove box for additional storage. All in all a standard model has 23.45 gallons of storage. The amount of storage space and easy access makes for a nice feature on this model.

2001 Yamaha XL 800 Jetski Sale Exterior Review

2001 Yamaha Stock Photo

The width of a typical, unmodded 2001 Yamaha XL800 Waverunner is 122 cm, the height is 113 cm, and the length is 316 cm. It's dry weight is 691 lbs. The hull is comprised of the standard fiberglass material. It also has side view mirrors and nice size handle bars.

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