1990 Kawasaki 650sx For Sale Review

Type:Jetski SalesYear:1990Date Posted:06/25/2011 Make:KawasakiModel:650sx
1992 Kawasaki 750sx front
Extra Images
1992 Kawasaki 750sx rear
1992 Kawasaki 750sx closed up
1992 Kawasaki 750sx  engine

1990 Kawasaki 650sx General Review

1992 Kawasaki 750sx front This 1992 Kawasaki 750sx is a used jet ski. This is a stand up jetski. There has been quite a few modifications done to this vehicle. All of them to make the speed and quality better.

Kawasaki 650sx Jetski For Sale Interior Review

1992 Kawasaki 750sx rear This 1992 Kawasaki 750sx has a few tears in the padding by the handle bars, but they are not that bad at all. This will not stop you from turning and doing your thing. The rubber grips for the handle bars are in great condition, they have no damage at all either. There is also a few small holes in the padding that is towards the bottom. As for the pink padding inside of this jet ski that is in great shape, showing no marks or tearing.

1990 Kawasaki 650sx Jetski Sale Exterior Review

1992 Kawasaki 750sx closed up The body of this ski is white and blue in color. There are some nicks and dents on the outside, again nothing that will prevent you from taking it out in the water. The previous owner has done some modifications to this vehicle.

  1. Westcoast Exhaust
  2. primer start kit
  3. PJS rip turn nozzle, with zero degree handle bars along with new grips
  4. Jetsport intake manifold
  5. Jetsport ride plate
  6. finger throttle
  7. milled heads for increase compression
  8. 44 mikuni carb with flame arrester
  9. full graphics
  10. PJS intake grate

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